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Atascosa Screening LLC provides advanced Drug and Alcohol screening services using the latest in technology and procedures. We certify our work for accuracy from the point of collection to providing results.


We adhere to all federal and state guidelines including confidentiality for our clients.


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Hair Follicle Testing
Urine Screening
Breath Alcohol Testing
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Hair Follicle Testing
Hair testing is one of the most accurate forms of drug screening available. Samples are taken from various locations to ensure consistency of results.
Urine Screening
Our staff oversees collection of urine and certifies the origin of the specimen. We provide complete chain of command from collection to reporting.
Breath Alcohol Content
Professionally collected and processed by our staff, Breath Alcohol Content testing provides fast, reliable results.
Our services cover DOT and Non-DOT regulations to keep you in compliance with all federal, state and company testing policies.

Atascosa Screening LLC takes the hassle out of drug screening with our easy application and streamlined process. We work to get your employees in and out quickly saving you time and money.


To get started simply fill out the application and return to our office. You can use the convenient online application so that we have it on file when your employees show up or you can print it out and bring it to our office at the time of services.





AS - Drug Testing Consortium, LLC is the solution to maintain your drug testing policies in an efficient and unbiased manner. Our screening management program meets both state and federal requirements for DOT and non-DOT employees. We are members of National Compliance Management Services (NCMS).


AS - Drug Testing Consortium, LLC maintains strict confidentiality policies to protect the privacy of our clients and their employees. Our staff is highly trained to ensure you are getting accurate results.


We also provide reporting services including annual MIS reports to keep you in compliance.


Visit their website for more information: www.AS-DrugTestingConsortium.com.



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